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A Sense of Tumour

Cambridge Podcasts are delighted to be working with The Brain Tumour Charity on  A Sense of Tumour. 


They say laughter is the best medicine - so join me on a sometimes humorous but hopefully informative journey through a six week course of radiotherapy for the residue of a brain tumour I had removed five years ago. I go for a baseline neurological assessment (the idiot test!) and talk to TV presenter Victoria Derbyshire about owning a new experience by bringing it into your sphere of experience.

Listen to the series here.

Pixels from a Crime Scene - OUT NOW

Podcast series about child sexual abuse material online on behalf of the Internet Watch Foundation.


A new six-part podcast series, Pixels From a Crime Scene, takes a stark look at the global scale of child sexual abuse material online and the work of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and its partners. The IWF plays a vital role in safeguarding vulnerable young children by removing this explicit and illegal content.

Commissioned by the IWF and produced by Cambridge Podcasts, the series hears the real stories of victims of child sexual abuse online as well as from those who perpetrated it. It also hears from police, government and asks if the tech industry (including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, BT and TalkTalk) is doing enough to stop it.

The series offers a disturbing global snapshot of child sexual abuse online, from India and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States and The Netherlands, exploring the traffic in child sexual abuse content on the dark web and the efforts of law enforcement agencies and tech companies to disrupt paedophile communities. The series debates the response of the tech companies to safeguard young children and whether privacy is being prioritised over protection, such as in Facebook’s plan to encrypt its Messenger service. Child protection experts are all agreed that this will allow abusive material to be shared without trace.

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St John's Innovation Centre

This is one of two podcasts commissioned by St John's Innovation Centre, aimed at helping business start-ups. Cambridge Podcasts recorded and produced the mini-series in October 2019.


In this episode, Dr Uday Phadke is interviewed by Claire Johnsen, Senior Innovation Advisor at St John's Innovation Centre and explains why starting a business is like Hindu mythology.


Dr Uday Phadke’s experience spans three key areas: commercial firms enabled by science and technology, academic research and teaching in technology and business, and the design and promotion of national and international innovation initiatives.


His primary strength is in creating and delivering vision-based change underpinned by detailed analysis.

Stay tuned for more exciting podcasts coming soon...


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